Corporate tours in Georgia – MICE

Корпоративные туры в Грузию - Mice

Corporate tours to Georgia (MICE) – Corporate events in Georgia of any size, scale and level on the territory of Georgia.

Corporate tours (MICE) in Georgia – is all you need for a corporate holiday employees and business friends. In Georgia it is possible to organize all – holidays, anniversaries, conferences…

Organization of corporate tours in Georgia is carried out at the highest level. We have extensive experience in organizing corporate tours. There are no identical corporate parties, each corporate is unique in its own way, all have different goals, wishes and opportunities. We prepare corporate tours according to the wishes of customers.

Corporate rest is the key to successful work of the team and cohesion of its employees. It is for this reason that corporate tours to Georgia are a popular offer for the company Georgia — Tour.

Of course, not everyone chooses Georgia, but this is their mistake. The fact is that Georgia is able to offer a very diverse holiday for its guests:

– Modern ski resorts are presented.
– There are a large number of hotels in the seaside resort area.
– Dozens of excursion routes have been worked out. These travel options are very different, as you know, and the difficulty lies just in choosing the right option for you.

What kind of corporate events do we organize?

Business event

– meetings, negotiations
– exhibitions
– presentations

We can arrange:

– transport support;
– business lunch, dinner;
– selection of locations: Grand hall, cinema, restaurant, etc.;
– services of interpreter, leading;
– search for business partners, profile or target audience;
– photo and video shooting;
– invitation of special guests (political and scientific figures, pop stars, culture, sports);
– technical equipment;
– promotional products.

Training activities

– seminars
– trainings
– conferences

We can arrange:

– search speakers, lecturers, business coaches, coaches;
– development of the program and the concept of the event;
– equipment: screens, projectors, multimedia installations, flipcharts, laptops, microphones, tablets, sound and light systems, etc.;
– selection of venue: we have at our disposal more than 80 venues of various levels throughout Georgia, from conference halls to coworking centers;
– accommodation: the hotel offers a wide choice of hotels, Inns, apartments;
– tickets, insurance and transfers;
– coffee breaks, Lunches, catering;
– provision of leisure and entertainment programs;
– professional photo and video shooting;
– production and placement of promotional products.

Entertainment event

– excursions
– team building
– holidays

We can arrange:

– beach holiday;
– themed quests;
– sightseeing tour;
– extreme recreation (horseback riding, rafting, mountain Hiking, etc.));
– master classes;
– tastings;
– Georgian feast with folk traditions and customs.