Ski tours

Ski tours to Georgia

Ski tours to Georgia are multi-day tours to the ski resorts of Georgia in winter.

Winter tours in Georgia

Spend your vacation in Georgia in winter enjoying it on the main ski resorts of the country. A real winter adventure awaits you: the best ski slopes, snow-covered landscapes and a variety of activities, from paragliding to Snowmobiling or sledding. Vacation in Georgia in winter in the mountains or on the black sea coast is not less beautiful than in summer. The climatic conditions and hospitality of the residents of Georgia allow you to enjoy the clean mountain air and the beauty of cities. Winter temperatures in different regions of Georgia range from 0 ° C to + 10 ° C. The average January temperature is + 5 ° C. Prices for winter tours are lower, and the service and the brightness of impressions is not worse than in other seasons.

Traveling with children in this period is very interesting — it is impossible to compare vacation in Georgia in winter with a trip to other countries. Georgia surpasses the majority of European States in the number of historical and cultural values. Monasteries of Bodbe, Anauri, cities with their ancient churches and fortresses give an opportunity to touch the history and learn about the modern traditions of Georgia. Major cities of Tbilisi, Batumi attract tourists to rest in Georgia in winter museums, architecture and stunning night views. The ski resorts of Gudauri, Bakuriani, Hatsvali and Goderdzi are available from November to March, book tours in advance or examine proposals for burning stages.

Ski tour in Bakuriani

Ski tour in Bakuriani is the first resort in the Caucasus. The history of the ski resort began in the late 19th century. Today is not only a center of winter sports, but also a recognized family resort: ice skating, sleigh rides and Snowmobiling, horseback ride and explore the area. The ski season in Bakuriani starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March. There are three areas for skiing and snowboarding: kohta, Didveli, 25 meters. At mount kokhta, there are two of the area Catania – 1 kohta and kohta 2 – elevation 1770-2155-2270 meters. Here are the ropeway and chair lift Tatrapoma guard for beginners. The level of trails from the black at the top (slope to 50%) to the training slope, called Plateau, at the bottom of the mountain. Didveli is a new ski area in Bakuriani on the slopes of Trialeti ridge. Here are the ropeway gondola and chair type. 25 meters-training slope in the center of Bakuriani, which has several bumps and” plates ” for children and beginners.

Ski tour to Gudauri

Ski tour in Gudauri is a young and modern winter resort in Georgia. It is located on the southern slope of the greater Caucasus mountain range, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and deep gorges. Gudauri boasts of wide easy slopes of varying difficulty, good snow cover, which is from December to April, mild climate without strong frosts and cold winds. Altitude resort: 1800 m Number of lifts: 4. Ski area: 1990-3007 m. Length of trails: 18 km Track: slalom, giant slalom, super-g and downhill. For fans of extreme sports can offer helicopter skiing (Heli-Ski), mountain climbing and hang gliding.

Ski tour to Mestia (resorts and Khatsvali, Tetnuldi)

Ski tour to Mestia is the youngest winter resort in Georgia. It is located in the area of Svaneti. Now the ski slopes in Hatsvali – two: red (for beginners) and blue (for skiers with experience). The first is 1900 m long, the second is 2565. Immediately it is worth paying attention: the blue track is quite difficult, it is worth really experienced skiers to ride there. The lift with open four-seater seats length of 1407 meters, the lifting time is 8-10 minutes.

Ski tour in Goderdzi

Ski tour in Goderdzi is a new winter resort in Georgia. It is located in a unique climatic zone in Adjara, on Goderdzi pass – just 100 kilometers from the black sea coast. Due to the proximity to the sea Goderdzi received the title of “the snow ski resort in Georgia”. At the opening of the resort, the thickness of the snow cover exceeds 2 meters, it is more than three times than in other popular winter resorts of Georgia – Gudauri and Bakuriani. In Goderdzi 13 kilometers of ski runs, the length of the longest track at 7 km ski Area: 2390 m – 1700 m, altitude difference: 690 m. Two closed-type lifts (gondolas) operate daily from 10:00 to 17:00 until mid-April.